Cavi Consulting

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Website Rebuild – moving from outdated theme to Beaver Builder custom theme


Cavi Consulting is a business process improvement consultancy and training business. They have been online for around 2.5 years now and they consult, offer programs and courses, internships, and even do bat conservation!


The website was super slow. It had huge bloat with pages, blog posts, plugins, etc. that were not used or not needed. Also, the videos and images were not optimized.


  • Get rid of the old outdated theme and rebuild the site
  • Optimize everything to make sure page load times are short
  • Get rid of all the bloat


Since their current site was live, I didn’t want to disrupt any potential visitors. I built the new site on a dummy domain so they could view the progress and leave their current site intact.

I was able to export most of the data from the current site into the new site, but there was some copy and paste involved to get all the content over.

I rebuilt the site using Beaver Builder to make it super easy to maintain. I optimize all the images and videos before reuploading them to the new site. And tested and retested to make sure the website loaded fast.

I also noticed some inconsistencies with their design so updated their fonts, colors, and design elements to be more cohesive.

Angela has been a delight to work with from start to finish. I contacted her about helping us to fix a very slow website. From our first discovery call (where her technical knowledge really shone and made me feel like she was a great person to trust with my website) to the (speedy!) completion of the work, I have appreciated her understanding of our needs, ability to communicate clearly and non-technically, and not only fix the issues we originally brought to her but find ways to make our website even better than it was. She is warm, responsive, very helpful and has clearly put a lot of thought into helping her clients succeed beyond just the initial work that she does. Thank you, Angela!

Bridget Randolph

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